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  • Warmies® Makes Trend Hunter’s Top Toy List for 2017

    With the array of mind boggling tech and lifestyle inspired toys now available on the market, it’s always reassuring to see soft and fluffy toys always remaining perennially popular for children...

    wholesale heatable soft toys
    Intelex UK
  • Say Hello To The New Warmies® 2017 Collection!

    The Intelex team have been creating heatable soft toys for many years now (20 years, to be precise!) and we’re constantly striving to add new loveable products to our ranges for everyone to enjoy... 

    heatable soft toys
    Intelex UK
  • Soft Toys Still In Demand!

    With Christmas 2016 done and dusted, many retailers are reflecting on the season’s product winners and losers during the busy festive period...

    Intelex UK
  • Intelex Group’s Christmas Gift Guide for Animal Lover...

    There’s a pretty good chance you know someone, either in your family or within your friends, who is an animal lover (or it may be you!). This is why we’ve decided to create a useful Christmas Gift Guide for all the animal lovers...

    wholesale pug soft toys
    Intelex UK