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The Flexi Clay Therapy Red


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The Hot-Pak® Flexible clay pack therapy in red with its bright coloured design is one of the new, innovative Hot-Pak® Flexible clay packs brought to you by the global leaders in heatable toys and gifts; Intelex Group©.

The Hot-Pak® Flexible clay pack therapy can be warmed in just 90 seconds to provide instant relief from general muscle aches and pains or can alternatively be used as a hassle free bed warmer at night. The secret magic of Flexi Clay lies in its soft clay centre, which makes the 60cm-long heat pack able to easily be wrapped around almost any body part and will cleverly stay in position once moulded to the body shape.


When it comes to warming gifts, Intelex Group are the masters. The latest addition to their range of heatable toys and home therapy products is the Hot-Pak® Flexible clay pack therapy, a clever new patented design which has at its core, a superbly soft clay filling housed inside a variety of covers available in a an attractive range of colours, patterns and fabrics.


After gently warmed in the microwave, the Flexi Clay is ready to provide soothing warmth for up to 1 hour. Use it in a multitude of ways;


  • A brilliant, hassle free bed warmer and a safe alternative compared to hot water bottles.
  • Wrap around body parts to apply gentle warmth to general aches and pains.
  • Pop in your coat on a cold winter’s day.
  • Warm the seat of your car on a frosty, icy morning.
  • Alternatively chill in the freezer to have on hand to use as a cold compress to provide a cooling pack to help provide relief for minor sports injuries and bruising or just use it to help keep cool during a rare summer heat wave!


If you’re looking for a unique and useful gift offering for birthdays or at Christmas, the Hot-Pak® Flexible clay pack therapy will no doubt be most appreciated by any recipient.

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