Much copied, but never beaten. That just about says it all when considering Intelex Group heatable soft toys. With demand for our soft toys ever-increasing, it is perhaps unsurprising that imitation products are ubiquitous. But, like most things in life, nothing beats the original, does it? What's more, we are continually adding more and more cute and cuddly characters to our phenomenally popular collections of soft toys (both Warmies® and licensed ranges), helping us to maintain our position as world-wide market leaders in the heatable soft toy industry. As a well- established manufacturer, we supply to retailers all over the globe, and our client list is growing.

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What can we supply you with?

So many characters to choose from. Wow!

So, what is it that makes Intelex Group soft toys such a big hit with children, teenagers, and indeed adults everywhere? Well, take one look at impossibly endearing snuggle buddies, such as Warmies® Cozy Plush Badger, Warmies® Socky Doll Bunty the Bunny, or Warmies® Hooty Snowy, and  you'll instantly understand why our soft toys offer an unmatched “pick me up and cuddle me” appeal.

But that's not all. In fact, that's far from being the whole story...

Our toys are ideal companions, day and night

For children of all ages, an Intelex Group microwavable soft toy makes the ideal companion: as a fun daytime pal, or a cosy bed-warming buddy through cold winter nights. They are also lavender scented, which adds to their soothing power. All you customers need to do is pop their toy in the microwave quickly, and they are ready to go.

Toys that are super-soft and super-safe

As a busy retailer ordering wholesale products from us, you can purchase with confidence knowing that you are stocking up on an entirely safe product. Your customers can buy our soft toys as wonderful and affordable gifts, without wrestling with doubts or worries. That's right, there's no kettle boiling to do, and therefore no leaking or scalding to worry about. None whatsoever. Just hours of fun and plenty of warmth, whenever your customers desire it.

What to do now

We are currently welcoming trade customers from a wide range of sectors. If you are a retailer seeking excellent trade prices with equally attractive margin prospects, get in touch with Intelex Group today. Or you could simply apply for a Trade Account with us RIGHT NOW – the process is fast and easy.

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  • Warmies® Ragdoll Julie

  • Warmies® Ragdoll Jilly

  • Warmies® Ragdoll Jenny

  • Warmies® Ragdoll Candy

  • Warmies® Socky Doll Bandito the Bandit

  • Warmies® Owls Tawny

  • Available Soon

    Warmies® Hooty Snowy

  • Warmies® Plush Pink Owl

  • Warmies® Plush Grey Owl