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  • Aromabotanical Soap Vanilla Crème

Aromabotanical Soap Vanilla Crème


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Aromabotanical Soap Vanilla Crème is a high quality, natural and ecologically sustainable product from Australia, available exclusively in the UK via Intelex Group. This Vanilla Crème scented soap is a bespoke fragrance that women everywhere are snapping up – not only for themselves, but to give as an elegantly packaged gift to a family member or friend.


After bathing, nothing leaves you feeling as fantastically refreshed and divinely scented as natural ingredient soaps from Aromabotanical, an Australian company that operates to the very highest standards, with no compromise on quality.


Aromabotanical Soap Vanilla Crème is 'just' one in a wide range available, and, like the other popular soaps in the collection, contains essential oils and pure extracts. What's more, as well as being made free from animal testing, Aromabotanical Soap Vanilla Crème is created in an ecologically sustainable way.


The sweet scent of vanilla has long been a favourite with those seeking a bathing experience that's nothing less than an utter joy: for the body, for the senses... After a hard day at work, coming home to a cool glass of wine and a warm bath where a creamy soap with a tantalising Vanilla Crème fragrance awaits you will be a delight, an utterly blissful indulgence you can look forward to in both the short- and long-term. But only if you make Aromabotanical Soap Vanilla Crème your 'soap of choice', that is! Distributed now in the UK exclusively by Intelex Group.

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