Scented gifts have always been universally popular, perhaps because they can combine aesthetic beauty with fragrant bliss. Botanical wax candles are a great example of this, particularly if they are Candle Jars from the fabulous Australian Aromabotanical range. Aromabotanical offers much more than 'just' scented candles in heat-resistant glass containers, however. And all their wonderful offerings are now available to buy right here through the Intelex Group website.

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Affordable scented luxury goods have arrived in the UK, AT LAST

As a brand, part of Aromabotanical's burgeoning popularity across the World is that, whilst their goods are high quality, they are never high priced. That means you can treat yourself every once in a while, without breaking the bank, and buying marvellous gifts for family and friends (whilst still remaining 'on budget') can be easily achieved. Simply browse the five ranges of Aromabotanical products that Intelex Group is proud to offer you, and enjoy taking your pick. You'll be faced with an amazing array of items, an eclectic choice that includes ALL this:

  • Aromabotanical Soaps
  • Aromabotanical Gift Boxes


 All products available to buy in each selection are top quality and come beautifully packaged.

SO many fragrances to choose from. WOW.

When it comes to fragranced items, do you have a certain scent that you'd describe as your absolute favourite? Aromabotanical products include delightfully relaxing fragrances, such as Vanilla Crème, Coconut and Lime, Pear and Ginger, Freesia and Rose, Lemongrass and Ginger, Persian Orange and Cassis, and others... with all items being made only from natural ingredients – essential oils and pure extracts for the home and body.

Are you ready to 'go Aromabotanical'? We already have!

It's been proven that there is no better way to relieve stress than to use scented items, positioned in the right places in a living room, bedroom, bathroom or a dedicated 'chill out area' – a sanctuary to escape to at the end of a particularly trying day at work. All the items you need are available to buy right here through the Intelex Group website! If you're ready to 'go Aromabotanical', we can certainly help you there. Take the first step on your Aromabotanical journey today by choosing something for yourself from one of the diverse ranges. Or why not buy several items which you could then arrange into a beautiful spa gift basket, to give to someone you really care about and appreciate?

The choice is YOURS.

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  • Aromabotanical Gift Box Pear & Ginger

  • Aromabotanical Gift Box Vanilla Crème

  • Aromabotanical Soap Coconut Lime

  • Aromabotanical Soap Lemongrass & Ginger

  • Aromabotanical Soap Pear & Ginger

  • Aromabotanical Soap Orange & Cassis

  • Aromabotanical Soap Pink Freesia & Rose

  • Aromabotanical Soap Vanilla Crème