With the night’s drawing in and a chill in the air, winter is fast approaching, and so the nation’s attention turns to thoughts of how to save on heating costs.

With many households wanting to save money on heating bills, there are a plethora of ideas out there to reduce energy and save some money.

Using programmable thermostats correctly on heating appliances, bleeding radiators to ensure they are in good working order, and insulating your home, are all popular and well-known tactics to reduce energy bills.

And when it comes to a few more affordable, low tech ways to keep warm, there’s more!

- Cover bare floorboards with luxurious, plush rugs
- Caulk your window frames
- Shut the doors on unused rooms
- Turn appliances off at the socket and avoid leaving on standby
- Shelves above radiators can help to channel the warmth
- Thicker curtains, and keep them open on sunny days to let the sun in.
- Snuggly throws on sofas and chairs
- Roaring log fires
- Draught excluders, don’t forget the letterbox!
- Heat reflectors behind radiators
- Insulate your loft hatch
- Flannel sheets
-Bundle up; warm jumpers, cosy socks and slippers, not forgetting a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows and a few candles to create your own bit of Hygge.

And then of course, there is our Warmies®!

Intelex Group’s warming products have become hugely popular around the world over the last two decades, as convenient replacements to the traditional hot water bottles.

Requiring only gentle heating for 90 seconds in a microwave, Intelex Warmies® are loved by adults and children alike. Here’s a few ways people are using Warmies® to stay toasty and warm this winter, inside and outside!

- Kids love to snuggle up at night to their favourite Warmies® soft toy. The gentle scent of French lavender is so relaxing at bedtime.
Fully heatable boots and slippers can be gently warmed in the microwave and popped on providing warmth and relaxing pleasure when sitting down at night to enjoy your favourite TV show. Check out Warmies Wolf Fur Boots.
- Create your own bit of home therapy with Flexi Clay™, extra-long heatable packs with Intelex’s specially formulated thermic clay formula. Really helpful for providing deep penetrating heat to areas of pain. The Flexi Clay™ pack can be wound around your arm or leg or curved around your lower back to provide soothing warmth.
- Use our Warmies® Spa therapy neck wraps for the ultimate in relaxation and comfort.
Pop an Intelex Hot Pak into cardigan or coat pockets to keep hands toasty, especially on frosty winter walks.

Look out for Warmies®, Hot Pak® and Flexi Clay™ at all good gift and toy stores, independent pharmacies, department stores and garden centres or buy from a huge range of online retailers delivery and enjoy the fun and convenience of our warming range of Warmies®!

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