Heatable toys and gifts that are excellent value for money

The toys and gifts market is always saturated. So, how do you gain a competitive edge? In reality, there's no magic formula. But there are things you can do to set yourself apart.

In the competitive heatable toys and gifts market, Intelex Group has been standing out from the crowd for some time now. We're market leaders, in fact. Available widely at garden centres, pharmacies, toy shops, gift stores and other retail outlets across the UK (the world, in fact), our Warmies® products are being snapped up by people everywhere. Buyers love the dual nature of them: at an affordable price, get a soft play toy that doubles as a safe alternative to a hot water bottle. Wow!

It's about keeping product ranges relevant and fresh

It's not enough to create a basic selection of products and to think "Great, that's our range sorted". You have to keep evolving. To stay ahead of the game, savvy manufacturers are always thinking up and bringing to market new, eye-catching products with a must-have factor about them. At Intelex Group, innovative new Warmies® products are being launched regularly. We LOVE doing that. Extending our ranges of toys and gifts is a wonderful challenge as well as great fun and both retailers and consumers can look forward to exciting and fresh new choices on shelf year round.

People of all ages buy heatable soft toys and gifts not only for the warmth, soothing comfort, colour, softness and fun that they bring, but also for their longevity. Warmies® items are simply fabulous gifts that consumers, offering high quality and value for money and pleasure for many years to come.

Not just aimed at one age group

As well as being quick to warm up in the microwave, many, if not all, of our product lines emit a soothing French lavender scent too — making them unique presents to give family, friends, colleagues... Heatable soft toys and gifts make charming daytime playmates for excited little girls and boys (and brilliant bed-warming buddies), as well as being lovely gifts for teenagers to exchange. Adults like them too, and can benefit from them: their warming power and soothing aroma helping to ease tired muscles and aching bones after a hard day at the office.

Product peace of mind. PRICELESS.

The safety of our items also plays a vital role in making them a big hit with consumers. Because there's no kettle boiling and bottle filling involved with Warmies® or Flexi Clay™ products from Intelex Group, there's no risk of accidents, no scalding to worry about. That means peace of mind, and who can put a price on that?

Simply pop your heatable toy or gift from us in the microwave quickly,

and the magic is done!

*Flexi Clay™ — new flexible heat packs using our own specially formulated thermic clay formula, for deep penetrating heat to areas of pain.