Whilst Christmas shopping can be a magical and enjoyable experience for those who love spending hours browsing online and visiting the high street’s festively decorated stores, embracing the smells and sights of Christmas, for many it can leave them feeling stressed, flustered and ultimately, exhausted. Which one are you?

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to unwind after a long and hard day of hitting the shops, we can help with our top 5 fail-proof ways of keeping your cool this Christmas.

1. Hot chocolate (with all the trimmings, of course)

Warm the milk, grab your favourite mug, flop onto the sofa and indulge in the creamy smoothness of a hot chocolate. The warmth of a hot beverage can be a great way to soothe the soul, whilst tempting sweet toppings like marshmallow and cream can bring back nostalgic memories of Christmases gone by.

Want the ultimate relaxation experience? Pair your steaming mug of hot chocolate with our stylish and heatable boots. They’ll give you the most delicious and luxurious feeling of soothing warmth, perfect for your hard-working feet.

2. Netflix and…. Chill (or in this case…. Warm….get it?)

One of the best things about this time of year is all the Christmas movies that come out on Netflix (or suppliers are available)! If Christmas films aren’t your thing, just tune into your favourite Netflix TV series, snuggled up to one of our amazing new long hot water bottles. Trust us, it’s a blissful experience….

3. Heat therapy for tired and aching muscles

Holding heavy shopping bags can give you sore and aching muscles, especially in your arms, shoulders and back. If the discomfort is dampening your Christmas spirit, rekindle the flame with Flexi Clay™ heat packs. Perfect for placing on areas of the body that need some intense treatment, these packs offer penetrating and long-lasting heat, perfect for soothing tight and aching muscles.

4. Take a brisk, wintery walk

Tackled your Christmas shopping online this year? If so, take a break from the glare of the screen and the stress of rushing to the online checkout in time and take on the great outdoors! Take in the fresh and crisp winter air and feel the nip of chill on your nose. Don’t fancy getting too cold? Take a Hot Pak® with you in your pocket to keep your hands toasty warm.

5. Get the kids off to sleep

Need help getting over-excited kids to bed on time so you can get on enjoying steps 1 and 2? Our Warmies® plush toy characters can be gently warmed in the microwave for children’s bedtime, and are convenient and hassle-free alternatives to hot water bottles. Upping the snuggle factor with brilliant bed warmers like Warmies® may just help entice boys and girls into bed. The relaxing scent of French lavender should have them off in no time.

Then it’s back to idea No.1 or No.2 for the evening…. aahh, pure bliss.