Innovatively designed variants are coming in thick and fast

Our Home Therapy Products range continues to expand, which is great news for devotees of all things Warmies®! As well as Warmies® items, there's other new, wonderfully soothing and cold relief-providing products from Flexi Clay™. If deep penetrating heat to certain areas of pain is required, a flexible Flexi Clay heat pack using our own specially formulated thermic clay is exactly the product to reach for. Talking of reaching...

'Hot products' that consumers can't get enough of

It can be irritating, can't it: struggling to find the hot water bottle under the bedclothes at night because it has somehow made its way to the end of the bed? Or does yours always end up too far over the other side of the mattress, even falling off at some point in the night? We've got the solution! Introducing Long Hot Water Bottles: the traditional hot water bottle innovatively re-imagined but in a very simple way.

Long, slim-line, soothing, warming, as well as being easy on the eye (and the wallet!), Long Hot Water Bottles from us come in a selection of attractive colours and patterns. Choose from tartan, Nordic, stripy, spotty, red, purple, blue, pink... there's something to suit every taste, with both men and women being well catered for.

Sumptuously soft and fully heatable Wolf Fur products

As for the new Warmies® products: watch out watch out, there's a wolf about! Well, not a real, living, salivating, predatory mountain top-howling wolf, you understand, but Warmies® Wolf Fur boots and neck wraps. And if you've ever had the pleasure of running the palm of your hand across a wolf's soft coat (as you do!), you'll know what an amazing experience that can be. During those long and cold wintery evenings, fully heatable Warmies® Wolf Fur Boots, infused with calming lavender scent, will be sure to keep your toes toasty and warm.

Staying ahead of the heatable toys and gifts game

Flexi Clay™ heat paks. Long Hot Water Bottles. Warmies® Wolf Fur boots and wraps, Spa Therapy products, Body products (boots and bottles)... With all this, it's little wonder that our expanding Home Therapy Products category continues to gain more shelf share in retailers. What's more, we're already working hard developing even more product ideas to add to our globally popular Home Therapy Products range