Intelex Group, the UK’s leading manufacturers of heatable soft toys, have recently expanded their best-selling range of Warmies® Cozy Pets to include three new and super-cute fully microwavable plush pooches based on British favourites; Beagle, Bulldog and Dalmatian.

 The new additions join the best-selling Warmies® Cozy Pets range which saw the launch of Chico the Chihuahua, Alfie the Labrador and Pugsy the Pug in 2015.

 Consumers simply adore Intelex’s Warmies® as a fun, convenient and safe alternative to the traditional hot water bottle, providing soothing warmth at night and plenty of fun-filled hours during daytime for children and adults alike.

 The trend for pets and puppies shows no signs of waning and the Warmies® Cozy Pets collection remains one of the most sought after ranges at Intelex Group, with each puppy retailing for RRP £11.95.

 Furthermore, Intelex Group’s innovation agenda have seen  even more microwavable plush toys inspired by popular breeds of dogs, with the recent addition of a very loveable Warmies® Cozy Plush Pugand afluffyWarmies® Cozy Plush Westie to the ever-expanding collection of Warmies® Cozy Plush soft toys. Retailers are already looking forward to getting their hands on these new pooches that will become available in summer 2016.

 Intelex are welcoming pre-season orders from trade customers now. For more details go online at