Once the magic and warmth of Christmas and New Year’s subsides, we’re cruelly reminded of the bleak, wintry and dark month of January. The January blues is an extremely common feeling, and the bitter chill raging outside certainly doesn’t help!

If you’re desperately searching for ways to keep warm and cheerful this January, we’ve got some fun and cost-effective solutions for you that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Slip into something more comfortable

You’ve just trudged through snow and ice up to your front door after a long, hard day back at work. You’re questioning if your toes have become ice cubes, and if you’ll ever regain feeling in your feet. We’ve got the perfect solution for you in this scenario! Peel off your snow boots and slip your feet into something soft, fluffy and warm like our Warmies® Body Slippers. The irresistibly soft texture combined with the gentle heat can defrost your toes and soothe your soles. All you need then is to sip on a hot cup of tea and let our stylish and fully heatable slippers work their magic.

Snuggle down in bed

If you’re missing the warming sensation of mulled wine and mince pies, our long hot water bottles can offer you some comfort on the bleakest days in January. Due to their longer design, you can enjoy the comforting warmth over a much greater area of the body with innovatively shaped hot water bottles. Something to look forward to as you curl up in bed with your favourite book.

January can be a pain in the neck, however…

Putting away the Christmas decorations can be a sad day for many, a signal the fun festivities of Christmas, and it can be a demanding one too. Lifting heavy boxes into attics and garages may leave you with aching muscles and feeling rather sorry for yourself. However, our Warmies® SPA Therapy neck wraps are a nice solution to have on stand-by to help relieve muscular ache and pains and also great for lifting your mood too. Simply pop in the microwave for 90 seconds, then wrap around your neck and enjoy the enveloping warmth, soothing heat and gentle smell of French lavender.

Chin up, little one

Are your children feeling down in the dumps now the festive season is over, and they are facing the prospect of returning to school? Our Warmies® characters never fail to raise a smile. Fun playtoys by day and brilliant bed warming companions by night. Kids can enjoy the warming sensation of their favourite Warmies® snuggled inside coats on wintry walks, or sat on laps during the school run. And our top tip, Warmies® make seriously fabulous birthday gifts. Affordable, fun, functional and the perfect gift to give to friends and family during the colder winter months.

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