The hot trend of 2017 continues to rapidly grow, it’s all about unicorns.

The unicorn trend has taken the world by storm, from unicorn coloured nail painting, iPhone cases, make-up tutorials, stationery, clothing and unicorn themed hairstyles. In fact, even Starbucks was driving the trend for all things unicorn earlier this year, when they released their unicorn Frappuccino’s in New York City. Hundreds of people waited outside Manhattan stores for one of these unusual coffee creations – testament indeed to just how much the world (well New Yorkers!) loves these magical fantasy animals.

In fact, whilst the unicorn trend is super-hot right now in 2017, it is not the first-time unicorns have been appreciated. Back in the ‘90s, unicorn mania rose with demand for My Little Pony. Google search trends have shown a steady rise in searches for unicorns, culminating in a peak in 2017 and the unicorn trend is predicted to continue influencing retailers’ shelves and sales right up to Christmas and beyond.

Intelex Group love spotting trends early, bringing to market our fantasy themed range of Warmies® in early 2016. Our incredibly popular Warmies® Unicorn, has proven to be a best-seller in autumn/winter 2016 and predicted to fly off the shelves again for Christmas 2017. Judging by pre-season trade show sales, the demand for fantasy themed Warmies® is huge and consumers can expect to see plenty of Intelex Microwaveable Dragons, Dinosaurs and Unicorns on retailers’ shelves in the run up to Christmas.

Little girls and boys simply love our adorable Warmies® Unicorn, the perfect definition of what a unicorn should be, sparkly eyed, luxurious soft pastel pink fur, symbolic horn, with the added magic of being fully microwavable, turning into a brilliant bed warming companion at night-time. But, there’s nothing mystical about the price retailing at £12.95, this cuddly Warmies® Plush Unicorn makes an accessible gift for birthdays, Christmas and a great idea for stocking fillers.

Demand for unicorn soft toys certainly shows no signs of waning. The wonderful thing about Intelex Warmies® plush toys, they are not just for children, but adults too. Soothing tired, aching muscles couldn’t be easier with these fully microwavable soft toys.

Register for a trade account and stock your shelves this autumn season with our fully microwavable Warmies® Unicorn plush toys, from the world’s No.1 heatable toy manufacturer.

Warmies plush unicorn soft toy