Nothing quite brings back childhood memories like the toys we favoured as children.

Royal Mail has released a brand-new set of classic toy stamps from the past 100 years, that will no doubt prove extremely popular with stamp collectors.

These special stamps were created to remember 10 nostalgic toys that contributed to the future of toys, and are available for the public to buy.

Some of the toys that featured on these stamps included fuzzy felt, Action man, Meccano, Space Hoppers and of course, the classic Sindy. However, the Merrythought teddy bear was the star of the show for us here at Intelex. Merrythought is the last remaining British teddy bear factory to still make its products in the UK, and their wonderful bears are bound to spark fond memories in the hearts of older generations.

Playing an important role for decades

Toys are more than just for Christmas… In fact, toys throughout the past 100 years have been adored by children of all ages and have played such an important role in the stages of growing up. Interactive toys help to encourage creativity and imaginative minds, whilst the classic teddy bear has provided hugs and comfort when needed most.

It’s wonderful to see the importance of toys being recognised in such a thoughtful way, and these stamps make for great collectable items for soft toy lovers across the UK.

Who knows, one day one of our Warmies soft toys may earn a place within a Royal Mail stamp collection.

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