If you are a retailer seeking to boost profits through increasing impulse buys in your store, Intelex Group has the absolute perfect product for you. As market leaders in heatable, lavender-scented soft toys and gifts, our microwavable products sell in huge numbers across the globe.

Some of our most popular items are our screen cleaners, which come in two types: Hooty™ Screen Cleaners and Dusty Pups™ Screen Cleaners. These can be cleaners for LCD screens, or screen cleaners for phones. The whimsical Hooty™ range includes our much-loved owl characters, as well as equally cherished Hooty™ Badger and Hooty™ Fox (funny how those two ALWAYS seem to get in on the act!).

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Wipe away annoying finger marks, quickly and with ease

Cleaning a computer or phone screen with the wrong wiper can result in yet more smears, and even scratches, meaning that at some stage the screen may have to be replaced. Versatile Hooty™ Screen Cleaners offer a safe way for your customers to clean their screens, and also a fun way. When browsing both Hooty™ Screen Cleaners ranges, your customers can choose from a wide selection of impossibly endearing characters. The phone screen cleaners being attachable, they add a touch of character and fun to any mobile, too!

Affordable gift ideas for adults and children

Part of the reason for Intelex Group's Screen Cleaners’ popularity is the sheer size of the market that they can be aimed towards. Adults love them, as do teenagers and children. Position them in their attractive packaging next to your cash tills and customers won't be able to resist saying: "Oh, and I'll take one of those, please!"

The screen cleaners, which you can order from us in small or bulk quantities, are safe to use by children of all ages, and parents find them handy when encouraging their little ones to use computers at an early age.

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  • Hooty™ Purple Phone

  • Hooty™ Snowy Phone

  • Hooty™ Tawny Phone

  • Hooty™ Turquoise Phone