Dusty Pups™

Now, removing annoying finger marks and other smudges from computer and mobile phone screens is so much easier. It's also much more fun! Dusty Pups™ Screen Cleaners from Intelex Group have changed the way both gadget-loving children and adults keep their computer and phone screens clean, making them a must-have stocked item for retailers everywhere.

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Perfect as profit-boosting impulse buys

As a manufacturer and a supplier to numerous high street and ecommerce stores, Intelex Group recognises the value of strategically placed items saleable as must-have impulse buys to retailers. Dusty Pups™ Screen cleaners are the ideal product when it comes to getting customers to spend a little extra at the cash till, being affordably priced, attractively packaged and possessing a powerful 'COME AND GET ME!' quality that customers simply find too hard to ignore. For retailers, this irresistibility-factor makes stocking up on Dusty Pups™ Screen Cleaners an absolute no-brainer.

Affordable gifts for children and adults

More good news is that ordering Dusty Pups™ Screen Cleaners is quick and easy, with fast delivery being guaranteed. There are two types of Dusty Pups™ Screen Cleaner to choose from, LCD screen cleaners (for laptop, tablet and desktop screen cleaning), and attachable cleaners for mobile phone screens, which are our cheaper range. Both are designed for use in home and office environments.

As for the different characters, well, there is plenty of Dusty Pups™ for your customers to choose from! Dusty Pups™ Puppy, Bee, Cow and Cat... as well as Dusty Pups™ Ladybird, Sheep and Pig... Which will prove to be your best-seller? There's only one way to find out. Stock up on a selection of different Dusty Pups™ Screen Cleaners TODAY and your customers can take their pick.

Why not simply open a Trade Account with us?

Intelex Group currently supplies numerous retailers around the word – toy shops, gift shops, department stores, fashion outlets, garden centres… – but we always have room for more clients. If you are a retailer seeking excellent trade prices with equally attractive margin prospects, we would love to welcome you as a trade customer. You can tell us all about your business and product requirements simply by getting in touch with us here, or why not start the ordering process RIGHT NOW by applying for a Trade Account with us?

We look forward to forging a strong and mutually beneficial working relationship with you, for many years to come.

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  • Dusty Pups™ LCD Screen Cleaner Bee

  • Dusty Pups™ LCD Screen Cleaner Cat

  • Dusty Pups™ LCD Screen Cleaner Cow

  • Dusty Pups™ LCD Screen Cleaner Ladybird

  • Dusty Pups™ LCD Screen Cleaner Pig

  • Dusty Pups™ Phone Screen Cleaner Cat

  • Dusty Pups™ Phone Screen Cleaner Cow

  • Dusty Pups™ Phone Screen Cleaner Sheep

  • Dusty Pups™ Cat