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  • Aromabotanical Gift Box Vanilla Crème

Aromabotanical Gift Box Vanilla Crème


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An Aromabotanical Gift Box Vanilla Crème is the ideal gift this Christmas for people looking to give someone special something stunning (but without extravagantly over-spending). All the products in the Gift Box are made from natural ingredients, with only the very best essential oils and pure extracts being used.


As well as being impressive fragrant additions to just about any room in your home (or in the workplace, perhaps?), Vanilla Crème-scented products from Aromabotanical are beautifully packaged and presented, making them marvellous gifts at any time of year. Vanilla Crème's unmistakable scent is renowned for being sweet and refreshing. Now, filling your lounge, bedroom, bathroom or other area at home with the lovely vanilla fragrance is easy to do, thanks to Aromabotanical Vanilla Crème glass candles, body lotions, hand creams, soaps and more...


In an Aromabotanical Vanilla Crème Gift Box you'll be delighted to find three high quality Vanilla Crème-scented products. All are Australian-made fragranced goods, containing essential oils and pure extracts (and with all items being entirely free from animal testing during creation and quality control processes).


As a leading company in a fiercely competitive industry, Aromabotanical in Australia adopts an 'only the best will do' approach to everything it does, creating luxury products for people who insist upon exceptional quality and nothing less. The company also places huge importance upon ensuring all processes and products are ethically and ecologically safe. Aromabotanical makes fragranced home and body gifts created using the very best natural ingredients drawn from ecologically sustainable sources.


Like the fragrances these products emit, the packaging and presentation here is equally lovely, isn't it? A stunning use of colour and typefaces indeed, adding to the Gift Box's overall elegance, and amplifying the excitement that comes with knowing someone dear to you will be eagerly tearing the wrapping paper off an Aromabotanical Gift Box Vanilla Crème given by you sometime soon! Available now in the UK exclusively via Intelex Group.

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