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  • Aromabotanical Gift Box Pear & Ginger

Aromabotanical Gift Box Pear & Ginger


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Discovering the incomparably relaxing Australian fragrances of the Aromabotanical range means enjoying high quality products made only from the finest natural ingredients. And how better to 'explore the wonderful world of Aromabotanical' than by purchasing an Aromabotanical Gift Box Pear and Ginger? They also make fabulous presents for family and friends.


If you've already had the pleasure of enjoying Pear and Ginger as a combined fragrance, then you'll completely understand the burgeoning popularity worldwide of Aromabotanical Gift Boxes with Pear and Ginger. The fragrance emitted from each item in your gift box is truly exquisite. Fascinating how a pear's delectable aroma can be mixed with a 'kick' of ginger spice to create an aroma that's relaxing, calming... but without feeling too weak or in any way a disappointment.


Made only from natural ingredients (essential oils and pure extracts) the contents of an   Aromabotanical Gift Box Pear and Ginger will serenade not only your senses, but those of your partner, and also delighted and intrigued guests who are sure to ask you from where you bought your scented items at your home, being eager to purchase some themselves!


The products are free from animal testing, and all ingredients are drawn from ecologically sustained resources, making them planet-friendly items. And it is not 'only' the fresh fruity scent of sweet ripe pear balanced with a spicy floral heart of ginger that you get for your money when you treat yourself (or someone else) to an attractively packaged Aromabotanical Gift Box Pear and Ginger. Add to those gorgeous scents rose and jasmine on an amber musky base! With all these refreshing Australian-made scents being combined, packaged and made available to buy at affordable prices, you can simply purchase an Aromabotanical Gift Box Pear and Ginger TODAY, and look forward to a fabulously fragrant luxurious experience, without breaking the bank. Available now in the UK exclusively via Intelex Group.

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