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  • Red Tartan Flexi Gift
  • Red Tartan Flexi Gift

Red Tartan Flexi Gift


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The Hot-Pak® Flexible clay pack giftis a fully microwaveable, multi-purpose Hot-Pak® productthat is perfect for providing warmth and comfort to help gently soothe aches and pains, brought to you by the Intelex Group©, global leaders in heatable toys and gifts.

Incredibly popular as a gift all year round, the Hot-Pak® Flexible clay pack giftin Beige comes in an attractive knitted cover and is able to be shaped to wrap around the body to offer instant warmth and relaxation, including relief for muscular aches and pains.  


Hot-Pak® Flexible clay packs come in a diverse selection of colours and materials, with a durable outer layer to be ultra-safe and a comforting cable knit material blanketing the pack. You would be hard pressed not to fall in love with this pack after just 1 use.


Truly multifunctional, with the ability to be cooled or heated, this source of reassuring comfort can be ready in as little as 90 seconds and last up to 1 hour. Now that’s impressive!


A modern day re-design of traditional grain filled heating packs, these clay filled wraps have all user needs accounted for. The length has been increased to 60cm so you can wrap it around the source of discomfort or somewhere you are feeling slightly too cold! Once wrapped the pack can lock in place to provide the soothing relief you need continually. Alternatively, for sports injuries and other sprains and bruising, you can leave your Hot-Pak® Flexible clay pack gift in the freezer for a few hours, then apply to the affected area for the scientifically supported method of pain relief and repair.


Invest in your Hot-Pak® Flexible clay pack gift today and enjoy soothing and comforting warmth all year round.

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